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Way of the Samurai Walkthrough:
General Ranking Information

Depending on how you *act* (not how many people you kill or how much yen you earn) you get different rankings as a samurai. These rank from "Heretic" which means you were pretty slimy, up to the Samurai King, when you only draw your sword when absolutely necessary and choose a path that saves the most people.

Depending on what rating you earn through your actions, you are awarded a certain number of points. Those points total up over time to earn you new outfits, faces, PvP characters, etc.

TITLEEasy PointsNormal Points
Samurai King60120
Ultimate Samurai50100
Samurai Master4080
Rumored Samurai4070
Samurai Apprentice3060

Special Titles
These three titles are on the top right of your score screen.

The Beast King
Do lots of dishonorable acts.

Random Slasher
Kill 200 or so people for this one.

Rich Samurai Get lots of cash to get this title.

Note that the sword in the lower right tells you your mission progress - each ending you discover fills in another bit of the sword.

Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

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