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Way of the Samurai Walkthrough:
The Sell-Out Ending

There are six possible "real" endings for the game, not counting of course dying along the way! Each ending takes place during the day on Day 2 and is affected by your actions during those two days. Each ending you've gotten is displayed on your score page by lighting up pieces of the sword-scabbard picture.

This "The Sell-Out Ending" gets you the hilt of the sword.

Watch the bridge scene and follow the group down into river. Watch Don-san come and rescue Suzu. She says she'll bandage his wounds. Now go up to the shrine. Watch the scene with Kyuga and the soldier talking. Now go down the stairs and right to Ipponmatsu. Go talk to Dojima the blacksmith so he knows you. Go out and forward-right to Kurou. Talk to Tsubohachi and ask to join. You'll pass guys talking about Kintaro (the baby). Go up to Tesshin and Muraski. Don't talk. Shiretoko comes. Just fight him, get your payment. Listen to the random talk - Shiretoko is to drive out the villagers, they're going to sell the foundry.

Go to Ipponmatsu (out and right) to the tree and hear if Tesshin takes control we'll be rich, we'll reign surpeme have pretty wife. ha ha ha.

Now go to the railroad area, up above the tracks. See the Akadema talking. They're going to defeat the Meiji, defeat the Kuroa. Future of Akadama Clan - first capture foundry, then prepare arms and move on to Tokyo. Hmmmm. Go into the Akadama house, ask to join. They say wait, then leave and see a cut-scene with Hyuga and Karibe. It's been a month since we got here, time to even the score with the Kuroa.

Head to the shrine and talk to Shiretoko. He says shall we go, you say very well. You go into town to Suzu's place. Throw around some chairs just a bit and then apologize to Suzu. "That should be enough". Follow him out to get paid. He says to come to Kurou at sunset.

As you walk past, Hyuga asks you to leave the pass. Ask what he's saying, he says it is too complicated.

Now go to Akadama clan area. It's evening now. Go in, listen to table discussion, then outside again tell Kitcho you will fight for him. Beat Karibe into submissin and tell him "You've lost".

Leave - cut scene about clan morale is low. Need to take action soon or clan will fall apart. Chelea says how can crush the monster, Tesshin Kurou.

You'll see a fight going on along the train. Ignore it. Go to the foundry, guards there talking about selling off foundry, and the workers will live in the station. Go down to river. now up to bridge to shrine. Ignore this fight too.

At shrine hear about Muraski and policeman and then run in . Say you heard it. Shiretoko comes in, say it's a secret meeting and then ask for pardon. They say they'll depend on you. Now go back to town.

Morning comes. Go talk to Dojima and ask what he wants. Suzu fears you. Say you've got a general idea. He talks about puppeteer. Say I know that. Say no tell me what's going on. Yes I know Hyuga. How do you know about him? Dojima says govt is instigating a battle. For what reason? He doesn't know. He wants Hyuga to tell him the plan and you say you're not interested.

Now go up to Akadama area. See people training. Kitcho comes down the stairs. He's going to begin the battle. Give me your help. "That's exactly what I want to do!" Go to the shrine. See Hyuga up there. Kitcho wonders why he's here. Go up the stairs. See Hyuga talking to soldier. "Kitcho is hard to manipulate". Hyuga gives you away with his cry of alarm. Fight Hyuga and the ninjas. He says, "if only you hadn't interfered. Right now govt army is heading for the pass. Ha ha ha ha ha. And I'll take you with me." He blows up.

Kitcho sends you back to the Akadama house to warn Chelsea. Run there. Karibe says now I understand their plans. Chelsea says they can't be trusted. Karibe says that Hyuga's attempt failed. I am in perfect health. You're warned that the govt army is coming. Karibe scoffs, "government pigs. I'll make them pay". Chelsea adds, "you don't need to feel any mercy for these worms." The fight ensues. Finally Chelsea says "well we've finished them." Karibe asks, "shall we proceed?" You all go out of entrance. Now you're at the track area - there are tons of soldiers there. Karibe says "Ha ha ha this is the battlefield." Chelsea says "stop laughing it's unnerving." Karibe fires back, "Shut up I've always laughed this way." Another fight ensues. "We're finished as well," says Chelsea when you're done. "Yes it seems that way" says Karibe. Uh oh more soldiers come. "Tsh I'm too attractive to be left alone for long," chuckles Chelsea. Another fight. Now more soldiers run across bridge. "Ah there's no end to them" says Chelsea. "Hey it's not like you to complain" says Tsubohachi, the tattoo guy. He adds, "Tesshin gave us a direct order to avenge your death." Chelsea retorts, "You think too much of your self baldie"

OK, another fight. Another cut scene. Tsubohachi says, "Huh this is too easy." Everybody comments on how strange it is for the two clans to be fighting together. Apparently Kitcho and Tesshin are approaching the HQ. Chelsea says that she and Karibe will go through the station. Join those two.

In town, you fight the soldiers. "They have a good army at least in size" says Karibe. Chelsea says "No go ahead and help Kitcho". You agree.

Now go to the bridge and see dad and son together. "Where is your commander, where is he hiding" says Tesshin. The Commander says "Shoot him" and they slice down the bullets. "I'll show you what a real samurai is ! Help me!" says Tesshin. You run in and help. Fight for a while, then leader draws his sword. Tamagawa and the final battle.

You hurt him - "Crap! Let's withdraw. Stop them!" Tamagawa cries out. Run to shrine to follow him.

Tamagawa is at shrine. Run up stairs - four ninja appear - run past them into shrine area. Tell him your name. He asks you to serve him. For the The Sell-Out Ending, say "Really". Will you let me go? "Yes I will".

You walk off together. You learn that Tamagawa narrowly escaped death. Kurou's samurai were defeated. The combined forces were defeated, the pass fell into the hands of the Meiji Government. The man who betrayed his side was appointed government.

However he was assasinated by the few surviving samurai and suffered before dying.

Thanks for playing!! Ending No. 6

The final screen just shows 5 government agents. You get 05 - Heretic.

Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

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