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Way of the Samurai Walkthrough:
The Akadama-Kuroa Together Ending

There are six possible "real" endings for the game, not counting of course dying along the way! Each ending takes place during the day on Day 2 and is affected by your actions during those two days. Each ending you've gotten is displayed on your score page by lighting up pieces of the sword-scabbard picture.

This one is Ending #3.

just attacked at first, no talk. asked girl if OK. Go into town, eat at restaurant, good food etc. Attackers come from Kurou, draw and fight. Ask defend - say yes.

Leave town - evening. Head to Ippomatsu - see pair of Kurou talking about Murasaki, lady of Tesshim Kurou. Attack them. Back door of Kurou won't open. Attack guard. Now back to town. Ak guy harassing grandpa with policeman laughing. Attack and he calls for Iose, big barechested bodyguard. Very foolish. Attack policeman a few times, they flee.

Check on old guy, eh's ok. Leave, girl runs over to him. Blacksmith comments that that it's always toughon the weak.

now night.

at foundry, two guards talking. after we sell foundry to govt, where will workers live? That's why we're driving out of station. Oh I see. Will be very busy. Attack guards.

Now go down into the river, see fight between Ak and K. Kill tons. Go to restaurant, Suzu is there, Don is missing. Says he's at Kurou and to stay undetected. Two guards here you and run back to report. See video of mansion with guards. Run to rightback door open. Run straight to ladder. Sneak around to froutn and kick in white panels. Find DOn say at Suzu's reuest. Why? For Suzu. With the money can leave. He'll take safe. Tell him to take the safe and then he follows you. Radish at top of ladder.

Now Tsubohachi shows up to stop you. Winning, Dona says to scram. You can't leave. Now head back to next area and see Tesshin there. Beat him down, acolyte comes, Muraski's body found in the shrine. He goes off. Don says he's a good swordsman. If it wasn't for you he'd be dead. Now head back to village, you got thief. Hammer guy thinks you're key man for saving people in station now.You get 15 yen reward and Suzu is happy. Blasksmith says he has to ask you for help too. Kyuga also watching.

Now fight between Ak and K in streets of town. Fight both of them. Morning of Day 2. At train station. Go up to Ak mansion. Red guys fighting each other, practicing. Kitcho comes down stairs. Ask who he is and what the clan is. Don't join.

Head to foundry - see big party. Leader of K - up ahead lies the battlefield where they face the Ak. "Good". At shrine, old man is looking at statue. He looks sad. He walks away.

In town blacksmith, wants to talk inside restaurant. Suzu is there. You now what's happening? No. That's fine. There is a conflict between K and Ak. Puppeteer hides ins hadow of both sides. Must eliminate pupetteer. The P? Yeah. He's the real root of conflict. Do you know Hyuga? No. I've heard of him. He presents to be leading member of A, buthe's actually a spy. How know? I once fought hi before foreigners. One month ago A came, Hyuga instigating final battle. Why? I don't know. Even if destroy K and A people won't stop suffering. Must get H to tell us true intent and devise plan. Il'l make hi talk, please help me. OK. Goo I appreciate it. Right now Hyuga heading for bridge to talk to army. Let's go.

Both go to bridge. 4 ninja appear. Then Hyuga shows up. "You've come just as I thought. And my old friend Dojima. How d you know my name? I've ebeen watching you. I think we are done talking. If you have anything else to say, say it with your sword. Wound him.

What does the govt mean to do! You've been a fool. What do youmean? Our only concern was your presence. If you didn't join they would be euals. Both should now be owrn out by the showdown, soon the final act will begin. Bl - what the hell si that noise? K now we can have the foundry easily. Station is probably in chaos. Ha ha ha - vanishes. Blacksmith must hurry back to station. Run to station.

Back in town, govt troops stealing Suzu. SOldiers - main forces have both buildings. All too easy. See you two coming in. Gpa - suzu taken to Kurou residence. Please rescue. "You spineless government pigs!" from basmith. Now attack goftn troops

Smith says he'll handle these, you go on ahead. You agree. "Gunji the Iron Heart" he is slain by them though.

You run and meet Don, He swears and says he'll make them pay. Govt troops show up. FIght side by side in Ipp. More show up ha ha ha. Inokashira - policeman. "Now the final blow" and laughs. Soldiers kill him and say "We didn't need you any more". Dona is worried about Suzu, says to go get her. You sayOK. He prays for strength.

Soldiers guarding mansion. Run in after fight. See her tied up being ready to pull her apart with oxen. You fight in, see "Now start the preparation. Run up ramp and interrupt. "Whaat who are you? Oh you know this girl. You're a fool." Lots of guarsd show up. "You men, take care of them." "Yes, Sir". Fight them all.

Kill enough soldiers, Now Tamagawa in purple joins the mix.

You save Suzu, you escape with her. The Meiji govt gets control of the Rokkotsu pass. The commander was killed in battle. History does not record the name of the "samurai" who killed the commander with nothing but a sword

Ending #3 - perfect if only everyone had survived.

Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

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