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Way of the Samurai Walkthrough:
The Townsfolk Ending

There are six possible "real" endings for the game, not counting of course dying along the way! Each ending takes place during the day on Day 2 and is affected by your actions during those two days. Each ending you've gotten is displayed on your score page by lighting up pieces of the sword-scabbard picture.

This "The Townsfolk Ending" gets you the tip of the sword. It's Ending #2.

Don't even see Suzu on the bridge - head straight to the shrine, listen in. Go to pine tree, listen in. "Do you know what the Kurou have been doing? We're turning over foundry to govt. "

Go to restaurant. Eat food, be nice. Watch attack. Leave and when suzu asks for help say you won't get involved. It's none of your business. Now head to Ipponmatsu. Turns to evening. Ask guys who Murasaki is, learn it's Tesshin's lady. Go up to shrine. As leaving, meet Toyoko who has the secret of getting into house. Fight him to learn about back door.

Go to the bridge and see Dona composing haiku. Morning glories bring thoughts of you during my meal. No this is no good.

A skinny frog ...

soy beans ...

pigeon's poo ...

This is no good! I am a lousy poet.

Do you want something? What are you doing? I was trying to write a haiku. Please help me. Ready?

By an autumn river, I share with you ... say "A never ending love". He wonders, "I wonder if true love is better conveyed thorugh action? "

Head back into town. Rescue grandpa from the bully. Just draw and attack the policeman and his helper. Head out to town, Suzu comes to soothe old guy, Blacksmith talks about people being corrupt. Go to bridge to turn to night. Back to town, Suzu asks you to help Dona. Agree, go to Kurou.

Open doors with square if sword is sheathed. Sneak in up ladder get to him say Suzu sent you, you're taking big chance. have him get safe. Go out, go around endge of Ippon, go to station, says got safe. Suzu runs out happy.

You get 50 yen from Suzu.

Blacksmith says you may save the people. He sees Hyuga is watching too.

Run off to bridge. Morning comes. Go back to station and have long talk with Dojima and agree to help. Go with him to bridge, face Hyuga and ninja. Fight them all. Don't talk at all. Run near radishes to fight so you can get health. Kyuga says he wanted the two groups to kill each other off. Cannon noise. Run back to station.

Fight. He asks you to leave, say you'll stay. More soldiers come, fight. He says "I got stabbed, I'll follow along later." Go to Ippo, meet Don and lots of soldiers. Fight them all. The policeman shows up, the soldiers kill him, and you and Don finish off the rest of the group.

Now go into the Kurou residence. Go through side door. See Suzu tied to oxen. Look to the right by ladder to see Tsubohachi lying there. During fight they start the preparations to kill Suzu. Fight rest. When all dead, talk to Tsubohachi. Are you all right? Suzu was kidnapped. He says "The slime! I'm going to rescue her." He's going with you.

Go up ramp to fight soldiers, then commander joins the fight. Tsubohachi says "Suzu I'm here to rescue you ... I'm ignored ... Hey you with the beard! First you invade our territory and now you're trying to steal our women!" More soldiers come to fight.

"Heh the government army is full of weaklings" says your tattooed friend. Note there are two radishes up in back corner across little bridge on upper level if you're hurting.

Finally you get to the commander. "Am I going to die?? It can't be!"

Ah, love. The tattoo guy is saving Suzu. The government troops come - Suzu says, "let's escape while they are confused". Later. The Pass falls into hands of government. Commander was killed. History does not record name of the samurai who killed him.

Thanks for playing!! Ending No. 2. You're in middle looking out straight.

Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

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