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Way of the Samurai Walkthrough:
Chuyo-tou (initial sword)

Every sword is held a certain way. This is a "middle" sword, held in the middle of your stance.

*tensho triangle damage 80


1.3=renten-shozan triangle, triangle damage 40

*gatotsu right plus triangle damage 80

2garentotsu right plus triangle, triangle

2.1gazanshindakyaku right plus triandle, r1 plus square =damage 60 only afte ra gatotsu hit

*tenshin-senda <- + triangle damage: 105

2/1tenshin-rensenda <- tri, <- + tri damage: 40



fujinkyaku R1 + tri dg: 150 (a sweep and stab, be close)

*sanrenzan square square square damage 10 10 50

*shinzan right plus squaure damage 15 can be followed by sanrenzan

*senzan left plus square=damage 15 can be""

*hitenkuzan jump square damage 40

*hitenonigoroshi jump triangle damage 80

*sokutai r1 plus suare damage 5

*yakuzakick right plus r1 plus suare damage 10

*hitenkyaku jump r1 plus suare damage 10

Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

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