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XIII Walkthrough
Escaping Winslow Bank

You now have a new task - to escape from the bank. There's a new hole in the back wall. Go through it. Head down the hallway to the ladder. Climb up the ladder. "I've fallen into my own trap" you muse. Use L2 to crouch through the tunnel. Break the grate. checkpoint.

Go up behind the guy. "I don't get this security system" he says. Help ease his misery - knock him out.

Head up the stairs. You hear, "copy 2 location a unit now" Open the door. Pick up the chair with the action key. The platform says "2". When you get to the guy, bash him with the chair. Get another chair behind him. Run forward through the grate area. "Don't Panic - please stay calm". There's a guy at the end of the hall. Listen for him - 'tap tap tap' he walks down the path. When he's near enough, bash him. Yup there's yet another chair here. Walk around further - there's another guard. Take him out.

No chair shortage in this bank. Get another chair and go to the door on the left at end. "Are you deaf? I said Number XIII is still alive! Inform the mongoose!" Apparently you are XIII! Try the door on the right - it's locked. Wait for the guard to come out, then bash him. Now you're in an office room. There's a medkit on the shelf on the right in the back corner. Get the chair - you wouldn't want to be without a chair. Now open the door. You're in the speaker's office. There is money on the desk - you can't take it. There's a strange symbol on the computer that you take a note of, you'll see it around later.

Open the other door. Head through and left. You're now in a library area. There is a really annoying siren ringing. Get the guy there. There's another guy in the opposite side. Get him too. There's a medkit on the end table to the right.

Jump on the table. Break open the grate above it. Climb through and break the next one. checkpoint.

"This alarm is driving me crazy!" The woman wants robber to take a hostage. Ah, what a request - grab her. But be sure to get the pass on table FIRST. Use the pass by the door. Open the door and drop her. Now go out and bash the guards. There are 2 right in the doorway and a third outside. You can also just use her to get through but it takes more time.

Get a chair and go right. Use the pass on the elevator. Then use the button in the elevator to go down.

You hear guys being shot outside. A guy runs around at you - shoot him. There are lots of corpses here. NOW you can shoot people because these aren't bank guards, they're assassins. Get ammo from the downed guards. Open the door on the left. Shoot a few more guys. There's a full health kit on a desk through one door. There's also shotgun on the ground in the back of another room. Go back out to the hall.

Go around the hall to the stairway down. Don't bother going down - it's blocked. You find an exit to out to outside to the fire escape. Shoot the guy up above you on the escape. You hear 'central here. calling all units'

Go down the ladder. There's a full medkit, shotgun, 9mm, .44. Unfortunately you also see the FBI.

They call you Steve Rowland. You are under arrest for the murder of William Sheridan. "You're under arrest"

XIII Walkthrough

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