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Yoshi Touch and Go Walkthrough

The entire game is played with the touch screen. The upper screen always shows what is "above you". The bottom screen is where you do your action. Your choices are:

* Draw clouds - this helps to create platforms and "direction-moving" lines for either Mario or Yoshi.

* Circle enemies - by quickly drawing a small circle around an enemy, you bubble it. This protects Mario / Yoshi - and gives him extra coins

* Aim Eggs - when you're Yoshi, you have a limited number of eggs you can fire. You don't have to click on an enemy to shoot it. What you are actually doing is simply setting an angle of fire. This means you can fire "into the upper screen" by firing upwards.

In essence, every mission has 2 parts. Part 1 primarily determines what type of Yoshi you have for part 2. The more points you get in part 1, the "better" version of Yoshi you get for part 2. A higher powered yoshi will go more quickly and also be able to carry more eggs. The Yoshi colors are:

Green - 20 eggs
Light Blue - 25 eggs
Pink - 30 eggs
Blue - 35 eggs
Yellow - 40 eggs

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