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Zeus: Master of Olympus Walkthrough
Zeus & Europa 1: Follow the Cow

While most first episodes are really easy, in this game there is a full blown tutorial, so if you jump to this first level you'd best be ready for it!! There are a few eccentricities with this Zeus world. One is that shops won't take grain from a storehouse!! They think this grain is for horses. The shops will ONLY take grain from a grainery. Be sure to have graineries around your city, lest your people starve.

Other than that, it's basically a build-up-to-1000-people mission. Start with your farms, sheep and goats. These are all across the water, so build a road to the water, a bridge across, and then start your farming area. You can have the palace and cultural things near the main road. You'll be asked for fleece, so build lots of carding stations and horde a bit of it until the request comes.

That's it! Your exact same city moves into the next level, so keep it going well.

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