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Zeus: Master of Olympus Walkthrough
Zeus & Europa 2: The Hydra

Don't build any marble factories until the end, even tho that is your quest. The marble is to the southeast, and is guarded by a hyrda. Your first quest is to build the Hall of Hercules and to start fulfilling its requirements. You can't make wine, so have lots of excess fleece and food ready to give to your neighbors whenever they want some. They'll give you wine in return. Don't build any wine shops or sell any! You'll need it all.

You mostly have to bulid gymnasiums, plus a bit of culture. It's not too tricky.

Once you build up so Hercules appears, he'll walk over and kill the hydra. Now build a bridge down from your eastern farming area, and put some marble carvers nearby. They'll walk right in and start quarrying the marble, and then walk back to their shops. You don't have to build the shops right on the marble. Once you get enough, you'll win this level.

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