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Zoo Tycoon Walkthrough
1: Small Zoo

OK, your first real mission. You have 6 months to build 6 exhibits with a suitability of 60, with an average animal happiness of 80. This is pretty easy - you don't care at all about your visitors.

You start with 3 animals - a giraffe, moose and camel. Give the giraffe some savannah, the moose some forest, and the camel some desert. It should be pretty easy to get their exhibits to be suitable. Make sure the exhibit suitability bar is GREEN - if it's yellow, the animals will start to get unhappy.

Now you need 3 more. You have 2 set up squares already. Stick in whichever animals you like the best, although you don't have a good cave for the polar bear. You can research a regular cave for bears and cats, though, pretty easily. That should do it!

Zoo Tycoon Walkthrough

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