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Zoo Tycoon Walkthrough
4: Revitalize Burkitsville Zoo

OK, now we're into the trickier ones. You have 12 months to fix an existing zoo - getting a rating of 50, animal happiness of 75, and 8 different species.

You have to watch money in this one. Start out taking care of the tiger, rhino, gemsbock and chimps. Make sure you don't build trees near the edge of the chimp cage! They're quite good climbers :) You should get a $5k bonus for good animal care, and a $20k bonus for happy animals.

Some other good animals to add in are a bear on the mountain, ostriches and kangaroos, and gazelles. If you can, when something says it wants not to be alone, give it another same-sex friend. That way you don't have to build bigger cages (and more shelters) when they have kids. Share fence sides to help conserve money. You'll want to build a restaurant, pizza, soda, and a gift shop to bring in more money. Build a compost bin in the far corner - it just needs to "exist", nobody ever actually walks to it. That will bring in money too.

Zoo Tycoon Walkthrough

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