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Zoo Tycoon 2 Walkthrough
New Animal Arrivals

Amount: $30,000
Rating: easy
Size: small
Type: grassland
Location: North America

OK, you're actually getting into missions now. This one gives you TONS of money, so don't worry about running out. All you have to do is keep 3 animals alive for 1 month.

You have a lion. Uncrate him in the savannah, by clicking on the crate, using the 'pick up icon', dropping him in the savannah area, and clicking on the 'open' icon. Give him some meat and water.

Next, the polar bear. Put him in the icy area of course, and give him fish and water.

Finally the hippo goes in back. Give him lettuce and water.

Now use the money overview window to "open" the zoo so visitors start to come in. Set down a food stall, a drink stall and a bathroom. That should keep your visitors happy.

Give a ball to each animal to play with too :) Now you are pretty much set. Have fun adding in benches and other things, you have more money than you can possibly spend. Well, I take that back. You could spend it, but you don't have to. Note that when you are done, you can just keep playing on this level if you want, or move on to the next challenge.

Zoo Tycoon 2 Walkthrough

Zoo Tycoon 2 Review

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