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Zoo Tycoon 2 Walkthrough
African Elephant Rescue

Amount: $10,000
Rating: easy
Size: small
Type: temperate
Location: Eastern Europe

OK now you're on to rescuing animals in trouble. You get 1 elephant to add to your zoo. You already have hippos and flamingos, a polar bear and kangaroo. Those exhibits are all perfectly fine. Add the elephant to the north of the map, it's pretty easy to add that in properly.

You get 3 more almost instantly, watch for the crates. You don't really get a warning. Now you have to care for them all for 3 months. Put down apples for them to play with. Toss a peacock and hen in an easy cage on the far right. When February rolls around, research the pursuit ball. It's not a toy, it's an "animal enrichment"! :) Give your elephants a little pond to splash in.

Research a cave for your polar bear too when you can, he looks sad without a cave :)

By April, you are all done!

Zoo Tycoon 2 Walkthrough

Zoo Tycoon 2 Review

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