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Zoo Tycoon 2 Walkthrough
Smuggling Ring Exposed

Amount: $20,000
Rating: hard
Size: medium
Type: grassland
Location: North America

This level is really only hard if you don't use the pause button. It is critical to pause at each step here, to do the setup without the clock ticking. You really don't have a lot of "real time".

You are going to get a series of animals in rapid fire. They won't give you the next animal if the current one is still unhappy. So when each animal appears, hit PAUSE. Set up the cage fully, drop the animal in, set up the terrain, food, water, gate, shelter and one tree. THEN hit play again and wait for the next animal.

You start with a Kangaroo. Just turn the landing area into a kangaroo pen, put up open fencing on the left hand wall and give the terrain and food necessary.

Next, a Bengal Tiger. PAUSE. Build a cage north of the first page, touching it. Put in the tiger, terrain, food and water. Hit GO.

Now you get a grizzly bear. Put this one left of the entrance against the wall. Make sure you remove the hedge and put in a path so people can go take a look.

Fourth is a gorilla. Make this cage north of the grizzly bear, touching it. You should have around $8000 left still by this point. Make a ball at this point and give one to each animal that likes balls.

Next is a black rhino. Put this north of the gorilla, connected to the cage.

Now an African Elephant. You should still have about $5000 left at this point. You only need the basics for your visitors - a food stall, water stall, bathroom.

Your last animal is a leopard. Put this in above the top and you are pretty much set!

You get another of each animal to toss into the appropriate cages and are told to get each animal to the advanced needs level. Really the pursuit ball is all you need. Wait until you can research it, and once you do, toss it into a few cages. You should now have all animals up to fully content and able to be released into the wild. Go around cage by cage and release one of each animal. Level won!

Zoo Tycoon 2 Walkthrough

Zoo Tycoon 2 Review

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