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Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough:
Dragon Roost Island

OK, now you get the Wind Waker! Woo hoo!

Go right - there's a shrine in the water. It shows up left right. Wind's Requiem - Zephos god of winds appears. his brother is Cyclos who makes cyclones.

Back at the boat - use bomb flowers to blow route to upper area clear. Get up to top area - find bird people. They say a dragon is atop mountain. Rito tribe. sky spirit - Valoo. fledglings need to get scale from this.

Prince Komali needs help. Medli, the duck girl, has something for the prince. Get a delivery bag from the helper. It, of course, holds items. You find Medli in the room upstairs - and get the "father's letter"

Now go down the long hall to the bird door. You see the prince in bed. Give him the letter. He says he'll listen to you when you get to Valoo. He has Din's Pearl.

Now go down to Medli - there's a boulder blocked spring. She wants you to toss her up to ledge, watching direction of wind. Go on the ledge. When the wind blows *towards* the ledge play the song and throw her. She says thank you, and she gives you an empty bottle. Put spring water into it.

Climb up wood ladder and pour water on the plants to the left. Throw on spring - spring is full now. Swim back to other side now. Now throw bombs into pots on left and right to go across them to stone stairs

Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough

Zelda Wind Waker Review

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