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A Whale of a Tale by Kim Rumford


The Weary Mahout

Heather Lazarus

The mind is divided in many ways... like a rider
on the back of an elephant..
Johnathan Haidt

I know
I have wasted my life
piercing nails
through my ears
my feet
caging myself
to quiet my trumpeting.

I mistook my hook
for contact
tipping my tusks
with poison,
sheathed in
cotton and iron
a tank
of wrinkled skin
like a crazed Nalagiri
crushing forward

the quiet came
to my bowed head
and I learned the scent
of water at a distance.

there is no castle
on my back
and I can swim
alongside myself
lie briefly
on the bank
braiding bracelets
from the tufts
of my tail.

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