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A Whale of a Tale by Kim Rumford



Anita Simpson

See me three
Shattered like a broken china doll
Some pieces lost, some crushed
My form and spirit now disfigured
All is not well.

See me nine
Shaking like an earthquake in my bed
Words canīt frame the fear I canīt control
A nameless terror creeping in the night
All is not well.

See me thirteen
Cutting, burning, despising
Anger overflowing spits its flames
They catch my throat like sacred bitter wine
All is not well.

See me fifteen
Staring blankly at the form inside the box
To touch your skin obscenely cold and gray
Iīd throw the clods myself to bind you dead
All is not well.

See me thirty
Memories return, and lightning strikes
My spirit frail within the howling winds
The shakes, the terror and the pain return
All is not well.

See me forty-two
Still crippled, broken, shattered
But searching out the great design--
Now what did that doll look like?
All will be well.

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