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Lady Butterfly by Joann Vitali


A Bright Blue Sky

Terry Wiemuth Michelsen

Shocking brilliance like the labor of love,
planting seeds in the garden of labor,
conception, germination, a heart beats
like the wings of a human hummingbird.

Eastern Bluebird builds a new and clean nest
like a motherís womb, warm, enduring,
but every bird has its prey like black snakes
coiling and black birds pecking at the womb.

Beautiful as morning awakening,
but never sings the praises of the dawn
nor breathes the sweet air of misty mountains,
for hallowed darkness has taken the child.

Fields of corn grieve, reminisce, and wonder
why the birds have taken flight so swiftly,
why the lilies of the field whisper soft,
why thunder and rain in a bright blue sky.