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Rainy Sunday

David Cooper

(For Lynn)

Now after the divorce
On rainy Sundays, I
Remember you with regret and rue.
Gone are our enchanting evenings
with you in that lime green negligee
Your honey brown skin aglow &
Smelling of Estee?.
Two chilled wine glasses
in the fridge, candles lit, and soft
jazz- “Pieces of a dream”.
Gone, too, are those long, lazy
Sundays when we padded around
In terrycloth robes
and drank copious coffee
from stoneware mugs
while we watched Star Trek.

Our irreconcilable differences: your arrogance
And my pride.

Now, my cup is filled with a bitter brew
And I spend Sundays alone
Listening to Billie Holiday
And looking out the window
at the rain.