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Lady Butterfly by Joann Vitali


The Love She Has

Stacy Maddox

If youŽre looking for my mama, he said
YouŽll find only her rear in the garden
Among the rosemary or tomatoes or onions
SheŽll be picking the weeds and grass
That dare to poke their stems through the dirt

You may spot her watering the morning glories
Or pruning the pink rose bush I gave her
I saw her a few minutes ago, digging holes
Dropping in the small white garlic cloves
Then covering them and marking their place

Yesterday she was admiring the day lilies
They are a dark red color with yellow throats
It is her very favorite combination, you see
Though, she would never admit it, I know
She finds beauty in every single living thing

If you watch her long enough, youŽll understand
Why she smiles and sings as she works so hard
SheŽll lose track of time and become sunburned
I canŽt help but laugh when she brings in flowers
To know the love she has for making things grow.