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Shades of Rock by Jill Florio

Letters to the Editor

Kudos for Mused Premier Issue

Whoa, WOW! I didnít know how official this literary magazine was going to be. CONGRATULATIONS, this is awesome; I loved the design and the art especially. ~Jennifer, CA

I just saw your photos in the Bella e-zine and they are gorgeous! I just scanned through the magazine, and saw your photos, and wanted to tell you how impressed I was. ~Barbara

First of all I want to thank you for finding my poem worthy of your premier issue. Iíve read most of the issue thus far and I must say I am very impressed with it and will definitely be a continuing reader. I will also be praising your magazine to everyone I know. Thank you again for a fine addition to the literary world. ~ Wolf

Just wanted to say I enjoyed the issue and the lovely cover/artwork and to let you know I would be happy to volunteer for the team as soon as is appropriate. ~ Siobhain

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone...
Why donít you think about putting real people on your covers. Ones who have submitted their work to you, thanks! ~ cagedbird2u

Editorís Note: We do like to stay within the mission of Mused by showcasing fine artistic works on each cover. However, you will be happy to note that all contributors have their shining faces exhibited in the Contributors section of the Mused PDF. See our subscription information to view the fully formatted PDF of our first issue for free! Mused Winter Solstice 2007

We Want To Hear From You

Weíd like to know what you think. Tell us what you liked about past issues and how we can make Mused even better.

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