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Shades of Rock by Jill Florio


Three Fates

Patricia Maulding

Witnessing love stories
outbursts and outpourings
the May queen dusts her lamps
and shakes secrets from her rugs.

Flaxen girl in the corner
carries a box of wisdom
and all that is sublime.
Fire, air and water
a pyramidic filtering
sands and jewels
lovers and fools
gives us moons
and solar magnetism.

Map the course
with star knowledge
she pivots and caves
in the substratum,
where her words seep like water
through cracks in the soul.

Weaving strands from the cosmos
unraveling moon cycles
itīs all undone with a kiss from the sun
beguiling to all; bound to none.

Karmic pendulum swings
sifting and shifting
navigating her gaze
through worlds of freedom
and the truths of slaves.

Hovering above
she is light
she is love
she is sight
she is sound
she is everything in between.

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