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Shades of Rock by Jill Florio


Sand Goddess

Cynthia Parker

Spindly limbs, thin yet strong, outstretched
to reach the skies; running, jumping, ever in motion.
Body young and supple, bending, stretching;
No thought that life is not forever.

Pink bikini with green and white flowers,
blonde hair pulled back in a bun;
Digging holes in the sand, buckets-full displaced
until there is a small pool where, deep as the knee

the tide moves in, closer, closer, to the
edge of the pool that hand-hewn hole in the beach.
Spilling over the edge, filling it slowly, finally completely
and there she stands. Tiny body, skinny legs, blonde curls escaping.

Half mermaid, half sand goddess little more than five years
alive; smiling brightly, proudly, strongly
Knowing her place, knowing her time, is now.
How I wanted to be you.

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