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A Soulīs Oasis

Cynthia Parker

Amidst the steel and concrete frames that decorate
our cities fair are tiny oases which call my name and promise
peace as their main fare.

These peaceful spots of solitude are safely hidden
from the view of the multitudes who constantly seek
to quell the chosen few:

Those who dare to live with dreams and strive to keep
the soul alive; these are the one to whom it seems these oases
offer a place to thrive.

Within a ragged, crumbling wall a peaceful place
of green resides; a canopy of leaves enthralls all those
who dare to come inside.

A lush green blanket carpets the ground and offers a
shady place to rest; scarcely here will you find a sound that is
not by nature blest.

Sunlight sifts between the leaves and dances on
the garden floor; quietly the noon day breeze refreshes
my soul once more.

Most vital is this quiet space, a refuge from
the hectic day; I so do love this beautiful place where all
my cares just drift away.

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