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Am I Pretty?

Vivian Nelson Melle

My hair, soft brown, like mahogany
My eyes, feline, green, maybe blue
My body, soft, curves flowing
My skin, cafť mocha with lots of cream

My hair, a mane, crazy wild untamed
Brown curls, mounds of chocolate delight
Bands break and clips ache
Canít find anything strong enough to hold it back

My eyes, wild, demure? Hell Iíve tried
They see through you
See everything you try to hide.
When I cry, clear and clarity strong

Would you say Iím pretty?

No, my bones are hidden deep beneath my flesh
My waist is thick and strong
My breasts spill over, unlike a boyís
Flat, hidden away

My skin is showing some age
A wrinkle or two, I wear
A scar here and there
Proudly they are shared

I feel beautiful, I feel pretty
I feel strong, I feel bold
I feel like a Goddess, blessed

Blessed by experience
This body has loved,
This body has pained
This body has birthed
Been driven insane
This body is mine
It is mine
This beautiful body is mine.

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