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The Stairway by Debi Gardiner

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Thread of Beauty - Spiders are amazing; they make it difficult for humans to be 'creative'. ~A Southern Hippy

Solitude - Awesome picture!! Well composed! ~Ashton

Dorothea – Lovely piece. It moved me. I felt I might know William or perhaps the bird. ~Andrea

Dorothea - Thanks Rebecca for this beautiful piece. It reminds me how happy I am just quietly reading a good piece of writing. My New Year resolution is to get that personal pleasure back. I shall read more this year. ~Angkana

Dorothea - I loved it. Beautiful story well written. So true that wild things cannot be caged. ~Emandee

Dorothea - Excellent - it drew me in and I couldn't stop reading until the conclusion - beautifully written. ~Pam

Dorothea - Dorothea reminds me of all females in a gilded cage, and perhaps of the author herself. 'There is a reason the caged bird does not sing.' ~Samia

Ethiopian Heartache - Quite descriptive, suspenseful and adventurous. Were you there in Africa? Is there a sequel? ~Betty

Ethiopian Heartache - Really enjoyed this. Very imaginative and educational while being entertaining. ~Dee

The Gift - I loved this, great story and characterizations, specially Devika (could see her nails!) and Hema. ~austere

No Piece of Cake - Coral- your story brought tears to my eyes. Not because it is a raw and sad story, because it is, but because it hits so close to my own story with my father. He died as well, 3 weeks after my graduation at LC, and I am just now truly trying to understand why and how I move on with my life. My father didn't die from terminal cancer, but he decided to take his own life, without a "see ya later" or any clue he was going to leave this world. For a long time, over four years now, I have carried this around with me. I explain to very few the exact cause of his death because even saying your father is deceased is hard enough. You get the, "I'm sorry, that is so tragic. He was only 46?", response, which you are already clearly aware of. And really, how do you explain your father committed suicide? It's kind of a hard subject to broach, even with the most sanest of people. But somewhat like you, for the longest time, I seem to only remember who my father wasn't, not who he WAS. I remember that he was an alcoholic, addicted to any sort of medication he could find, womanizer and a missing father. I don't say that I know he loved me in his own way, that he was extremely intelligent, loved soccer, had the most infectious laugh you've ever heard or that he gave the best hugs I've ever felt. Sometimes I go through periods where I hate my dad almost as much as I love him. He has missed so much of my life and I have missed him terribly. Maybe if he had made better decisions or better life choices, he would still be here. But I have to stop thinking that way.....because he is gone and there is no changing that, no matter how much I wish it weren't true. I have to start remembering the good things because that is what helps you heal and move on. I may never forget what my father put me through, but I have to learn to forgive him. Not only for his benefit, but for my well being. It is and will definitely be a hard road, but it is one I must complete. Thank you for sharing your story. It is comforting to know others that have gone through and are still going through similar life struggles. It comforts me that individuals can go through all of this and still turn out to be amazing men and women. It gives me hope..... ~Ang

No Piece of Cake - I wanted to thank you for sharing your heart in this story. There are so many of us that can relate to having a distant or absent father. It is so hard for me to express my thoughts as clearly as you did, but maybe sometime we can talk more about our dads. Mine is still alive, but only physically! He stopped living a long time ago. Now he just exists! That makes me so sad! LOL ~Dawn

Artifice - Great poem! Love the imagery! ~David

Dream Catcherīs Departure - wonderful! reminds me of childhood dance. simply ethereal... ~stacey

Hesperus and Salome – Wonderfully done. ~Bill

Hesperus and Salome - This poem is exquisitely written with stunning imagery. It caught my breath when I read it for the first time. Jude, Amazing work! ~Bree

Hesperus and Salome - Just beautiful Jude ;} ~Kait

Lost Continents - these poems are just beautiful' enjoyed them very much. hope to see more in the future thank you. ~peggy

Lost Continents - Beautiful lines, deep thoughts, and a cargo of dream destinations. Thanks for a wonderful journey. Best ~Rick

MORNING - Lovely! Such a lilt to the words, and rounded too, the way verse that's meant to be spoken softly, is. sunlight scatters over purple sage strays through maple leaves to warm my face then touches a fawn through lilac shadows ~austere

November Tree - I love this poem. Lovely wording, then PASSED as the trunk. Nice job. ~Carol

November Tree - Interesting poem. Reminds me of the author Ellen Hopkins writing style, though I think Ellen borrowed her style from poetry. ~D.

Off the Keys in the Red Witch - Dennis's poems are always vividly alive and wonderfully crafted. He is one of my favourite contemporary poets. ~AussieBard

Off the Keys in the Red Witch - You're safely out of the storm? But maybe not? It was a lark when you started. ~deb

Species Shift - Another wonderfully crafted poem by a poet whose work I have come to admire, appreciate, and enjoy. ~AussieBard

The Cradle – Great poem! ~S

The Tempest - Really liked the image of shadows whispering among themselves and trees bending backwards to hear the conversation; a beautiful capture of the visual. Best ~Rick

Toward Place - This is a lovely piece, really drew me in. Loved this: "Monday wants me here and I am willing." The ending is equally powerful. Nice work. ~Carol

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