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All in Red 1 by Mark Berkery

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Lisa Shea Lisa Shea, Publisher

Lisa Shea feels that beauty can be discovered in any corner of nature - from the glistening autumn leaf on a mossy rock to the spiral swirls of a shell nestled into a sandy beach. She is drawn to serene organic images, enjoying both photography and haiku as her primary means of discovery. Her short stories examine the hopes, dreams, and growth that we each go through in life. In addition to owning BellaOnline Lisa writes for the Low Carb and Video Gaming topic areas here. She has three non-fiction books in print, sharing the joys of the Courtship and Wedding Traditions in Ireland, Italy, and France. The next book in the series will be on Native American traditions. On the fiction side, she has published seven medieval romance novels with all proceeds benefiting battered women´s shelters. Lisa is thrilled that the BellaOnline Mused Literary Magazine has helped hundreds of artists reach a world-wide audience and find recognition for their talents.

Diane Cipollo Diane Cipollo, Art Director

Diane Cipollo started as a traditional pen and ink artist and won third place in the Decorative Artist's Workbook 1998 Holiday Card Contest. She has always been fascinated by animated movies such as Disney's Fantasia and turned in her traditional pen and ink for digital pixels several years ago when digital art and animation software arrived on the scene. She has been with BellaOnline since 2003 as editor for the HTML, PHP, Flash and Digital Art and Design sections. She is also an animator at Ecards Ecards Ecards.

Terri Johansen Terri Johansen

Terri Johansen is a member of the Mused poetry review team. She is also Editor of the Exercise Site for BellaOnline.com. Terri´s first love is writing poetry including haiku; however she also writes non-fiction, essays, and the occasional short story. She has been a yoga teacher for many years and a great deal of her writing is centered there. Terri’s work with yoga and exercise has been published in local magazines as well as online. Currently she is working on a Yoga Journal, a yoga book for children, and a poetry collection. Her work for BellaOnline.com has inspired her to write an e-book focusing on the healing of specific injuries through exercise. Terri enjoys spending time with her family and her pets. Her love of animals is her motivation to own and operate a pet care business.

Kim Kenney Kim Kenney

Kim Kenney is the author of three books with Arcadia Publishing, Canton: A Journey Through Time, Canton´s West Lawn Cemetery, and Canton´s Pioneers in Flight. She has also published an exhibition review in The Public Historian, the journal of the National Council for Public History. Her work has appeared in Mused, The Boston Globe, The Repository, and the Amazon Shorts program. She serves as editor of the Museums website at BellaOnline.com, where she has authored several ebooks. She is a freelance writer with Demand Studios, where she focuses on history, automobile, food, and culture articles. Her hobbies include cooking, travel, reading, counted cross stitch, and photography.

Cynthia Parker Cynthia Parker, Senior Fiction Editor

Cynthia Parker is the editor of the Single Parents column on BellaOnline, a delighted member of the Mused poetry team and senior editor for the Mused fiction team. She enjoys writing poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, relying heavily on life experiences and her research in cultural anthropology and human behavior. She is currently working on a series of essays exploring what it means to grow up female in the South.

Vannie Ryanes Vannie Ryanes

Vannie Ryanes is a writer and home business owner. A book reviewer, she was a final manuscript reader for “Chicken Soup for the African American Soul.” She retired from a health sciences university where she received two awards from the university president for outstanding service and exceptional dedication; and an award from the university’s Board of Concerned Citizens for service, dedication and work of excellence rendered. Always one to give back, she received a certificate of appreciation from the Essex County Friend/Advocate Program for 15 years of volunteer service. She continues to give back by working with civic groups in her town. To relax Vannie reads, cooks, watches classic films and serves as moderator of her online community group for writers of African American and multicultural romance novels. Vannie joined BellaOnline.com in 2004. She is the editor of the Work & Family Site and Hot & Spicy [food] Site. Her personal web site is http://vanniewrites.webs.com.

Georgia Seitz Georgia Seitz

Tatting and teaching tatting are at the top of Georgia´s list of fun things to do! She finds the greatest personal and professional satisfaction in teaching new tatters. She has taught at many International Old Lacers, Inc. conventions and local tatting guilds. The Online Tatting class which she leads has offered free lessons for over 12 years. She has written or edited seven tatting books. Although new to the Mused staff, she has been with BellaOnline for some time now and she enjoys the wonderful interaction between the tatting forum, the tatting newsletter, and the tatters online.

Dianne Walker Dianne Walker

Dianne Walker is a full time Human Resources Manager for the Prince William Public Library system. She spends her free time as a freelance writer focusing on providing job search and career guidance. In addition to offering career advice on BellaOnline, she also writes two local columns on job search and careers for the DC Examiner.com. Dianne is passionate about providing the training and skills necessary to help individuals succeed in their careers.

Jill Florio Jill Florio, Founding Editor

Jill Florio was the Art Editor for Flagstaff Live, Staff Reporter & Photographer for the Prescott Valley Tribune, and contributed variously as reporter, photographer, and columnist to the Prescott Art Rag, Prescott Daily Courier, the Arizona Republic, Sweat Magazine, AP News, Suite101.com, Travelwise Magazine, Mountain Living Magazine, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Serving Arizona, the Raven Review, and Active.com. She is the Editor for the 4th Edition of Arizona Off the Beaten Path, published by Globe Pequot Books. She has had poetry, art, and short stories published in both recent and forgotten venues from as early as the 4th grade. Jill also writes for BellaOnline for the topics of Frugal Living. Jill insists on using The Force as an alternative to pecking at her keyboard all day.