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Chikaree's Dais

KJ Hannah Greenberg

I steward a vast, organic sovereignty.
Regal on tree roots, crowned by leaves,
My scepterís a strong branch. I am grand.

Sparrows, sunbirds, also squirrels attend,
Consider my bidding, scatter, ignore; extra
Court denizens despise voguing chipmunks.

High fashionís violet-hued petals,
Textured like heavenís kiss color,
Helps form patrons within copses.

Peels of bark, oak, maybe aspen,
Drop applause Ďround my dais;
Trees extol primordial decrees.

This seasonís delicate blossoms, thereafter,
Rain scattered, illumed, vicarious celebrity,
Honor generations of my purse-shaped nests.

Foliage elevates my commonplaces,
Occupies me when Iím not signing
Autographs, celebrating my majesty.

Thus, among boxwood, elm, cypress,
Concurrently, with prognathous profile,
I compel woodland denizens to curtsy.

Mine is a natural throne.
Flora, fauna, even alfisols,
Fathom chipminks as supreme.