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Oops! by Mark Berkery


Adrian Brooks

Almost done

Almost out

Have to hurry.

Not everyone appreciates the loss of it like I do.

So how to make the little wench hurry.

Take something she likes?

No, take something she loves.

Better yet, take something she needs.



Her kidney.

Her heart.

No. Humans need that to live. Don’t want her dead. Not yet. Not now.

Her…ah yes. Her mind.

It was a small thing, but important. She’ll come for that.

She’ll follow him blindly to get that back. Thousands had.

Hurry little girl.

Lift your little feet and hurry.

Lift the hem of that ridiculous skirt and scurry on over here. Duck. DUCK YOU STUPID, STUPID COW! Can’t have you knocking yourself silly before we even get where we’re going.

Stupid child.

If she were hurt, what would the queen do?

Skin me most likely.

“Hurry up. We’re late, we’re late.”

No time, no time


Yes hurry. Feel the pump of blood and the stretch of muscle and sinew.

Time´s almost up, no going back pretty soon.

Can you feel it slipping away, growing thinner? Breaking snapping. Won’t be yours for much longer, it’ll belong to me and I won’t give it back. I’ll keep it, hoard it, hide it from the light of day.

And when that happens?

You’ll be just another casualty standing on the blood soaked fields of Wonderland.

Another lost soul.

Another notch in my belt.

So scream for me little one.

Run for me.

Panic and

bleed and




Because I’m the white rabbit, the clock master, the mind snapper.

Catch me if you can.

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