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Fish Arrival by Leslie Tribolet


Ordered Violence


A parched and thirsty earth,
Ready to absorb; yet, taken by surprise
After moisture, so very, very long without.

Past-due rain: so rapidly falling,
Heavy in its hurried fury.
Smacking down - raising minuscule dust puffs.

Dusty pavement---awaiting moisture odors,
Momentary circlets of watery embroidery
Giving way to uniform, steamy wetness.

Birds flying for cover; free-form patterns,
Fleeing before the wind: banking!
Surprised into unexpected, indirect flight.

Trees bowing before windīs strenuous urgency.
Whipping, leaf-clung branches: no gentle minuet,
Then leaf flurries release their tenuous hold.

Stormīs immediacy makes its mission apparent!
Rain that pattered, now roars, driven from clouds,
Coming nearly horizontal in its wind-driven sheets.

Thunderous vibrations amid illuminated sky.
The earth crouches, cowers: a willing victim.
Accepting turbulence, so necessary for survival.

Unfathomable harmony midst violent assault!

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