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Fish Arrival by Leslie Tribolet


Through an Aqua Tint

Stacy Ann Link

I plant my feet in the sand of
What is the western edge
Of the North American continent
And as each wave covers more and more
Of my feet and ankles with silky sand
I begin to notice the sea water
Sparkles like fairy dust and
Dazzled, I slip under the waves.

I swim for the space where
Waves are begun as swells and
surface there to see them
Traveling to shore beyond their
Crashing force. It is quiet here and

The currents that move past
My treading legs are warm
And cool by turns, the sea´s hidden life.
I suddenly want the sand under my feet again.
I swim in with the next swell.

This transitional space of crashing
waves and churning sand
disturbs me and I lunge against it,
I love and fear my ocean.
I am a continental dweller.

Sand begins to firm
Under the soles of my feet
I stand and see that on land again
The sun is softly filtered by
The sea level.
Through an aqua tint,
Everything is softly golden.

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