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The Bed

Lisa Hodges

We were just like peas and carrots
that corny line in an old movie
but that was us
best served together, side by side.
You liked the right side
I liked the left,
and sometimes, wonderful times
weŽd meet in the middle.
We loved and laughed, planned and dreamed
in that playground for young lovers,
our special place.

One day you said it was over, and you left
I sleep alone now, on the left side
the right side empty, even your scent has gone
the bed is lifeless and loveless.
I do not laugh, there is nothing I want to plan
the only dreams I have are full of you
filling me with an ache so real, I force myself awake.

No more peas and carrots placed side by side
just a dirty plate awash with discarded hopes.

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