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A Child of Democracy

Lee Evans

The Paca House and Gardens stand today,
Restored to what historians surmise
Was their condition in Colonial times,
When Samuel their namesake signed away
Allegiance to a king whose wits had strayed;
Though little did he know his stately walls
Would one day be enclosed by Carvel Hall,
Where courting couples waltzed and big bands played:
And so my future parents made a pair.

Amused that she would not put down her purse,
He quipped, “Why, this is dancing with such care,
You’d think you had a baby there to nurse!”
“And what,” she bristled, rising to the bait,
“Would you know about dancing in that state?”

This story came to mind as I strolled round
The renovated Paca House and grounds.

Annapolis, 2012

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