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Greek Mystique

John Tzikas

We reminisced on FaceBook
About the May 7 1988 kiss in
Mrs. Richardís Biology lab and
The lack of confidence I showed
Asking you for one last slow dance

I didnít possess many Kappa-Gamma
Traits back then, Lori brushed me aside
Mainly because she liked a magazine cover
Type seen commonly on art store walls even
Though heís bottom shelf , he was full of himself

I counted on her using better judgment but
Sweet-pea trusts herself less than anybody
It was she walking down the bridal path
With the Omega Men who ran too fast
Now that reliability is an absolute must

I cooled off that summer watching Cheers
Reruns sipping Zero alcohol beer as the
Hot-Heads in my age bracket lined up to
Tame her majesty, they didnít stimulate
Her a bit but sheís always been a good faker

Today sheís another top notch real-estate
Lawyer twice divorced posting mug-shots
Of the middle child holding a puppy dog
Creeps out there usually stop at nothing
To learn the password and be her saboteur

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