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Tentacles by Christine Catalano

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What You Are Saying
Great Blue Herons Building a Nest - This picture is gorgeous. I have taken many pictures of great blue herons, but this is exceptional. ~Mary

Forecasting - I loved this story. It said as much with what it did not say, as what it said. Breaking the chain can take generations. Awareness comes first. Great short. Thank you. ~Toni

Chameleon - I love this story! So imaginative and truly touching. A fable of inspiration. Nice work Catherine! ~Ana

Thirteen - I am so glad that I get to read your words. they are like little plays. ~elizabeth

Back to Black (Dreaming in Verse) - This reminds me of my drunken, slutty youth. Only for me it was rock musicians -- poets in their own way. Good times. Seriously, I enjoyed how you wove the lust for words and the lust for... well, lust, together in one sensuous feast, Kim. Wonderful! ~injaynesworld

Facebook stream:

Helen, your photos are amazing, the way you capture the personality of the animals. How did you get the squirrel in that perfect pose??

Helen Peppe: Animals go into perfect poses all by themselves if a person is patient and watchful and unintrusive. Thank you again for accepting my work. I hope the images bring smiles to your readers' faces.