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Tentacles by Christine Catalano

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Lisa Hodges

After what seems a lifetime
the doors swing open
and there he is,
resplendent in a new suit,
with a vivid blue tie that matches his eyes
and shiny black shoes.
How handsome he is.

At his side,
the woman who now
wears his name;
has it bound tightly around her,
and held fast
with a fine gold band.

I may never know this woman
but the day she holds her first born
her blood will run with mine.

She will hold and protect her child,
keep him safe
never give him away
or part him from his birthright.

He will grow knowing
all the joy and pride
that a loving mother feels
for her child.

He looks right at me;
sees only an old woman,
with tears in her eyes,
and a small blue shawl
around her shoulders.