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A Summer Morning With Van Gogh

Sunil Sharma

This early summer morning
drifting in/out of dreams
chasing the lost/new paths

the sleeper---
wakes up by a bird-song

he sits near the window
staring across an uneven skyline
identical in Mumbai or New York
dusty and unwashed

the hot air, sweat and humidity choke and
he wants to breathe the freshness of the outdoors

a digital print near the steel almirah, on a cracked yellowing wall
returns the viewer to an 1889 view, the famous oil-on-canvas

a commute in time to a different scene that still haunts
the hills, homes, a wheat field with a busy reaper
a yellow land pulsating like the ground fog
the manual work as seen and immortalized
from the cell bars by a man called Van Gogh.