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Two Lives: How My Wife Answered One Simple Question

Craig W. Steele

If I could reincarnate once,
which creature would I choose to be?
A hummingbird? A butterfly?
Which form would cloak the newborn me?

Most hummingbirds too often fight
with one another when they feed,
and I dont want to battle fellow
birds; Ive never had such need.

And all the pretty ones are males.
I wont remain a dullish drone,
and I refuse to deal with testy
issues of testosterone.

But as a butterfly, Id live two lives:
a caterpillar, first, so I could gorge
on sugared greenery while growing
melon-shaped, guilt free, by George.

And on my second birth day Id
emerge a tempting, jewel-winged hottie.
"A seductive metamorphosis,
she whispers, winking naughtily.