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Keegan by KJ Ward


K Thomas

Sleep comes on little feet
sliding down the hall
running from the kitchen
jumping down the stairs
calling Mama Mama Mama
Mama time for bed
You said you’d tell a story
Mama, you said!

Trouble comes on bigger feet
stomping through the front door
Nancy where’s my brief case
I’ve got 3 more reports to read
Did you get those newspapers
What’s wrong with the TV
Who drank all the Jim Beam
Doesn’t anybody ever clean
anything around here?

Peace comes at last
when all the Sturm und Drang
has passed
when everybody’s needs are met
and nothing’s left to do but get
Myself together
in a long hot bath.

How nice then to relax
while someone scrubs my back
then brushes my hair
with solemn care
murmuring “turn about
is fair play
I had an awful day
It’s great to find
You here when I
come home.”

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