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Upset Parrot by Maurice Schulman

Letter to Our Readers
“Eternity” by Leon Walker is a great work of Literary Art. It has a smooth, sensuous, melodious, spirit and flow, akin to that of John Keats. He has a talent that cannot be hidden or denied. The Muses ask for more of the same.

-- brownnorw

Very nice image of the Washington Monument. I like the color tonal range and details you captured in this photo. Fantastic lighting of the Delicate Arch. Very nice photo of the sunset! [Sunset Muncho Lake and the previous two photos mentioned are all by artist Albert Rollins]

-- Arnold

The picture “Path” by Lorena Pina-Avina is amazing, tells a story with depth.

-- Sal

Wow! Good for Hilda!! LOL! [“I Am Home” by Zdravka Evtimova]

-- shinestr

I recently came across Mused and love the work that you publish!

-- Girija

“Two Birds” by Matthew King [Summer 2010 issue] - Witty and clever, it was fun to read. Looking forward to reading more from this writer.

-- darof76

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