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Upset Parrot by Maurice Schulman


Itīs Now Or Never

Joanne Cucinello

The earthīs beginning to crack
fissures everywhere
opening to show whatīs really inside
just like me.

Funny how uncontrollable this all is
I canīt keep a lid on it anymore
Can you?

Words just fly out of my mouth
without a harness or a shield
and I donīt even care
thatīs the truth of it.

I used to think first
speak later
count how many friends Iīd lose
if I didnīt

But now itīs different
time is running out like sand
through the cracks
and I refuse to keep mixing mortar

Thereīs no more time left
for make-pretends
itīs time for truth . . . my truth
and you know what?
Iīm just going to let it rumble!

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