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Upset Parrot by Maurice Schulman


Little Mustangs Among Older Friends

KJ Hannah Greenberg

After the storm, mountains’ dread, dark frontage
Grimly regards valley lambs, kids, calves.
Those newborn droves scamper lily-like in dewy cover,
Acrobat among butterflies, balance maws
Full of sun, sweet grasses, little forbs, sometimes gorse.
Such wild babies prance until falling down exhausted.

Their ancient vanguard teeters on burly legs, his heft’s
Wrapped in misshapen fur. Such short-flamed breath
Knew life, as frequented by keepers’ great abundance.
These days, he whinnies simpertriunes fashioned from air, earth, water.
The herds’ hillside poverty denotes nothing, zilch, naught.
Grazers so young need milk, grooming, dry beds, minding.

Birth, work, leisure, death’s cosmic wheel recognizes
Escape only from cataract-eyed does or crippled bucks.
Younger sorts triflings differently; when human ropes, halters lope by,
Youth merely lifting their heads, momentarily stop
Ambulating among clover, frolicking with bumblebees,
Swatting at invisibilities.

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