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Upset Parrot by Maurice Schulman


Watermelon Sweet


Your skin smooth dark chocolate.
Eyes sweet, like summer and watermelon juice,
spun with the laughter of children.
Braids neatly aligned, clothes pressed crisp.
A gentle lingering, the scent of cologne.
Looks like gangster but vibes like the warmth of summer.
Swooping me onto the dance floor with one bold move.
Laughing, me, dancing to Rap music!
My sensuality against the hard of this song
to which you know every word.
It was your eyes I was dancing to.
Yes, to linger for a moment
in the beauty of your eyes
and the warmth of your desire.
Made me feel like a piece of fresh home made candy
that had not yet hardened, your mouth watering
for that first bite of sweetness.
All we could do was laugh and dance.
Later, hugging me goodbye, tight and warm
your heart big and open, like a banquet laid out
laced with come ride in my Cadillac.
Us gazing into eyes, laughing, a moment of sweet connection.
You were my angel tonight.
My heart so heavy,
the light inside of me fading,
about to flicker out.
Tonight the beauty in your eyes
kept the light in me,

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