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The Dragon Diary

Mandi S. Lockley


I have to look after the class dragon for the weekend. Mummy says Daddys new girlfriend is a dragon. She is called Sally and she is pretty but not as pretty as Mummy.

Daddy said I coudnt have the dragon at the table because it is a soft toy. I said Dasiy at school said the dragon was magic. Sally said it was magic if I said it was and set a place for it. It sat next to me. The food Sally made looked wierd not like Mummy makes. Sally said it was OK not to like it and said she could make me something else but Daddy said it was rude not to try it. It tasted nice but I couldnít eat it all and Daddy told me off and said I couldnít have pudding, but Sally said I could. Sally took the plates away and told Daddy he had to help. He picked up some things and said Sally was training him well.

Sallys flat is small not like Mummy and Daddys house but Daddy doesnít live with me and Mummy any more. Daddy and Sally were talking in the kichen. Daddy said its not up to her to say if I have pudding but now he has to let me have it. Daddy sounded a bit cross when he said it and Sally said sorry and Daddy said it was OK because she wouldnt know because she doesnt have kids. When Sally came back she looked sad but wen she put the pudding on the table she smiled and winked at me. I dont think Daddy saw. Sally made pudding for the dragon too. Daddy said that was silly and Sally said if the dragon didnt want it I could have it. Daddy said to Sally she was trying to hard and made me say thank you. Then Daddy kissed Sally and asked me if I liked her. I told Daddy Sally was nice, but not as nice as Mummy. Daddy was cross and said I was rude and made me cry. Sally said it was OK and Daddy said it is time for bed.

The bedroom is nice. It is a grown up bedroom not a kids room. Daddy turend the light off but after he went out I put it on because I have to write a diary about the dragon for school but I left the dragon at the table because I was upset. I dont want to get in trouble for not looking after the dragon so I went to get it. Wen I got to the living room Sally was sitting on Daddys lap and they were kissing. Wen Sallly saw me she jumpd off daddys lap and took me back to bed with the dragon. She said I could have the light on to write about the dragon but not to tell Daddy. I said I was good at keeping a secret. I told her my secret that I wish Daddy would come home. She looked sad


Hello Aimee, this is your class dragon and I thought Iíd say hello. Iím so happy to have met you. Itís great being a dragon. Not all dragons are scary fire-eaters. Most dragons, like me, are kind and like to make friends and I hope we can be good friends too. By the way, I tried the pudding while nobody was looking and it was delicious, but donít tell your Dad!

Dasiy at school was right! The dragon is magic!

I wanted to tell Daddy but I think he was still in the other bedroom with Sally and I didnt want to go in in case they were kissing and I didnt want to get in trouble. I went to the kichen to get a drink but I dropped it and dropped the dragon too and it got wet. Wen Sally came in she helped me wash the dragon and made me another drink. She took me to her bedroom. It was pretty. Daddy woke up when Sally put the haredryr on to dry the dragon but he wasnt cross with me. He said he was happy me and Sally were friends. I said we werent friends because Mummy woudnt like it. Sally said shhhhhh to Daddy and he didnt say anything. I told him the dragon is magic and he laffed and told me to go back to my room so he could get dressed.

I aksed the dragon if it is OK but it wont say anything. Maybe it is like toy story and only comes to life when I sleep so I pretend to be asleep but it didnt write in my diary. It probably knows I was only pretending like father cristmas knows. Daddy is calling me because we are going out. Sally aksed me if I want to take the dragon but I said no in case it wants to write in my diary when Iím gone. I have got to go out now.

I am back but the dragon hasnt written anything. I wish it had because I had a horrid time wen I was out. We went to a resterant where their was a kids menu and I had berger and chips. For pudding I had a ice cream sunday from the big menu and it came in a big glass and Daddy said he bet I couldnt eat it all and I said I could.

Daddy said he was glad I like sally because I will see a lot more of her. I said OK and Daddy said can I keep a secret and not tell Mummy. Sally said dont to Daddy because it isnt fair to make me keep a secret from my Mum. Daddy said I had to know eventuly and told me the secret and I aksed how could Daddy marry sally when he is alredy marryed to Mummy. Daddy said he will have to un marry Mummy first.

I got upset and nocked my sunday over and the ice cream went everywere but Daddy didnt tell me off wen i sed it was an acident.

Whem we got back I sed I wanted to go to bed. Daddy said he woud take me but
I said I am big now and can take myself to bed.


Good morning Aimee. I was very sorry to see you upset last night so I thought I would write to you again in the hope that my words will make you feel a bit better.

Do you know what? Dragons are strong and brave and I know you are strong and brave, just like me. I am a grown up dragon now, but when I was a little dragon there were some big changes in my dragon family that made me feel very upset at first, just like the changes happening in your family now.

My Mummy and Daddy were unhappy and Daddy went to live somewhere else. My Mummy was very sad at first, but one day she met a very kind and funny dragon and was very, very happy. And when I realised both Mummy and Daddy were happier once they had got used to the change, that made me happy too and when Mummy got married again I even got to be the bridesmaid and felt like a princess dragon for a day. Even though my Daddy didnít come to the wedding he and my Mummy are friends again now and he will always, always be my Daddy and love me very much, just like your Daddy loves you.

Iím sure, like me when I was a little dragon, you will be happy again very soon.

Thank you for looking after me so well this weekend by the way. I think youíre now my favourite of all the kids in your class.

At brekfast Daddy aksed me if I was ok now. I sed i was better and he sed that made him happy and he loves me very much and he gave me kiss on my hed and sed it was time to take me back to Mummy. Sally didnt come with us in the car but i gave her a hug wen we sed goodbye and i think she liked it.

When i got home Mummy aksed me what Sally was like. I said she is nice and pretty but not as nice and pretty as Mummy. She said she is pleased I like Sally but she looked a bit sad so I said she is right, Sally is a dragon. Mummy smiled and gave me big hug.