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Snowy Bluebird by Carol Dandrade

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What You Are Saying
German Home - Beautiful work in BellaOnline’s Mused, Ophelia. You're very talented. - Ruth Z Deming ~Ruth

A True Royal Blue - I love dogs. This story made me laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed it. ~frank

A True Royal Blue - Great read!!!! Can't wait to read more from Deb Palmer! ~Jay

A True Royal Blue - What a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes My fur-babies are everything to me, so this story touched my heart. ~Shawn

Engagement Ring - So sweet! I have a good feeling about your couple. ~E.

Saving the Good Doctor – Enjoyed the story ~Ron Huskey

I Bought Bernie's Sofa - Fabulous piece - just loved it - Anne's writing is so evocative - you are right there with the characters in the story - I love how her writing never fails to touch the heart!! Get more from this woman!!! ~Cathleen

I Bought Bernie´s Sofa - Wonderful story! Love the imagery and flow. ~Susan

The Dancer - Thank you for sharing this with me. I am more than lucky to be a part of your art. Looking forward to so much more. ~Jenn

A Yukon Summer - I really enjoyed the story. ~Ron Huskey

West Africa: A Love Story - Interesting story, Hope they finished dinner and had a wonderful dinner. left me with questions unanswered ~Ron Huskey

Kindness - Beautiful touching story. ~Ronnie

Mystery Incorporated - What courage it took to survive this but also to turn your life around and have the insight to know it had nothing to do with you. It was your Mother’s sickness - not yours or your siblings. I applaud you. ~Deb

You Could Come Live With Me! - Ted certainly has a way with words. What an entertaining recount... ~Sunkist

California Sun - Enjoyed the read very much. Beautfully written. ~jean

Hermitage Musings - Nice poem. You draw him just enough that I wish him well. ~E.

Miss Byrdie - This is a lovely poem and because I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I think the metaphors and images bring the reader here where Miss Byrdie spills fragrance on the breeze. ~Glenda

Ocean´s Call - This piece touched me. Something magical about the story it tells. And it was complete. ~Mike