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Snowy Bluebird by Carol Dandrade

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Beate Sigriddaughter

Many years ago I knew I could be
happy in a cottage in the woods,
undisturbed. I wanted to just be
in love with God, the world, and,
if I found you, with you. And here
I am, in just such a place. Thank you.

Deer stroll by, lizards do pushups
on the wall, quail glide along
like Country Western dancers,
never changing level, and I can
safely dream of a time when men
and women and children honor
each other without wounds
and complications.

Thank you for my freedom. When
I found out that the word "free"
comes from an ancient root
"beloved, not in bondage,"
my heart did somersaults.

In the west the sun is sinking. Thank you
for the laughter in your eyes. Thank you
for the kindness in your eyes at dawn.

Thank you for freedom where I feel
devotion with the light of innocence
of one who has been honored.