Tatting @ BellaOnline http://www.bellaonline.com/Site/tatting You'll find lots of information about needle tatting, shuttle tatting and some cro-tatting here. There is a huge and ever-growing collection of links to free patterns, supplies for purchase and articles as well as more general information. en-us Copyright 2019 BellaOnline.com All Rights Reserved. Sun, 20 Jan 2019 06:54:13 EST 240 http://www.bellaonline.com/images/logo.jpg Tatting @ BellaOnline http://tatting.bellaonline.com Beaded Bracelet By Dagmar Pezzuto http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art305903.asp tatted beaded bracelet by Dagmar Pezzuto 2018 Thu, 17 Jan 2019 17:02:46 EST Tatting events http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art305878.asp The Fringe Element in Canada shares news of tatting events Mon, 7 Jan 2019 17:18:28 EST Hees Book 5 Edging 7 http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art305827.asp Hees Book 5 Edging 7 Here a double line on the upper side makes it look as if there is a second row of tatting which attaches to the scallop section. However, the order of tatting makes its possible to tat this design in one pass Sun, 30 Dec 2018 17:21:01 EST