Literary Fiction @ BellaOnline Literary fiction covers a plethora of literature: short stories, novellas, novels, and lots more. Ije Kanu explores these and shares her knowledge and opinions on what the literary world has to offer. Come join the [educational] fun! en-us Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved. Wed, 27 May 2015 12:40:43 EST 240 Literary Fiction @ BellaOnline On Literary Writing Having a Theme So you desire to write a book. You have a story line in place. You have your characters in mind, and you even have an idea about how your book is going to end. The question is what exactly do you want to communicate to your readers? Read on to find out more! Sun, 18 Jan 2015 06:00:00 EST Book Review - My Life in a Nutshell My Life in a Nutshell tells the story of a man named Brian Cunningham, who suffers from social anxiety and personality disorder, and how he copes with these issues on a daily basis. Read on for the full review! Sun, 11 Jan 2015 02:50:25 EST Helpful Tips with Writing Literary Fiction Are you a writer - expert, novice, or simply a want-to-be writer - who desires to write a work of fiction that exudes brilliance and masterminded art? Here are a few helpful tips to implement when trying your hand in literary writing. Tue, 2 Dec 2014 22:20:00 EST