Container Gardening @ BellaOnline Do you want to make a beautiful landscape, porch, or patio with containers, or grow your own luscious fruits and vegetables in limited space? Then container gardening is for you! Tips on selection, planting, care, pests, fertilizers, and more. en-us Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved. Mon, 23 Oct 2017 18:31:43 EST 240 Container Gardening @ BellaOnline Plant a Tree in a Pot Artistry in a container could be a million and one things and it could be a tree. Trees are easy to grow, easy to care for, form good focal points, can offer fruit and beauty and calm and confidence, just ask anyone who is growing one already. Why not join them? Start planning now! Tue, 10 Oct 2017 05:11:38 EST Grow Garlic! Just add organic garlic to your diet and your health will improve. All sorts of diseases and poor living lifestyles can be mended. Thatís the promise Nature makes when you take advantage of this amazing vegetable ... or is it an herb? Whatever - grow some soon and you wonít look back! Tue, 3 Oct 2017 11:11:52 EST Why Garlic? Garlic is one of those vegetables that everyone can grow and that everyone should grow - it is so healthy and crammed with vital minerals and it seems crazy to suggest that a clove of garlic swallowed whole a day will help keep the doctor away ... sorry apples! If you haven't grow it yet please try! Tue, 3 Oct 2017 10:56:14 EST