Attention Deficit Disorder @ BellaOnline The ADD site will help you gain a better understanding of what a diagnosis of ADD means for your life. This begins by recognizing the symptoms of ADD in adults and children. Knowledge helps to build strategies to improve your life. en-us Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved. Thu, 5 May 2016 03:11:05 EST 240 Attention Deficit Disorder @ BellaOnline Kids' Vision Problems and ADD A new study from researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham was published in Optometry and Vision Science. This study showed a link between Attention Deficit Disorder and vision problems that are not corrected by glasses or contact lenses, which included lazy eye and color blindness. Sat, 27 Feb 2016 15:30:16 EST Kids with ADD Need Positive Reinforcement Research published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Functions in 2015 suggests that positive reinforcement actually works better than criticism to provide motivation for the child with ADD/ADHD. It seems that children with ADD are more influenced by external reinforcers than kids without ADD. Thu, 18 Feb 2016 22:50:32 EST Growing Out of Attention Deficit Disorder A recent study from Florida International University, that was published in The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, found an association between children who are raised by overly critical parents and a lack of resolution of the negative symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder during adolescence. Sat, 13 Feb 2016 23:40:30 EST